The James Weir Foundation

The James Weir Foundation was established in January 1967 to contribute to those charities and institutions which promote and sustain the beliefs and ideas Mr. Weir supported throughout his life.

James Weir (1887-1973) trained as a engineer at the University of Strathclyde and maintained an abiding interest in his field of study. His real passion was aerodynamic engineering and he participated in that area through his work on the development of the AutoGyro and later the helicopter. He was the 24th individual licensed to fly in the United Kingdom. He embraced the tradition of the 18th century Scottish thinkers who believed that clear thinking started with an empiric analysis of how things worked and felt that the best training for such thinking was best supported by a thorough understanding of fundamental science and engineering principles.

Mr. Weir believed that each individual should give back to his country where possible and served Scotland and the United Kingdom in myriad capacities including: military service (1906-1908), the head of the British Purchasing Commission during WWII and as Director of the Court of the Bank of England (1935-1946). In his capacity as a senior executive and Chairman of his family company, the Weir Group, he pursued strategies and decision which were both good for the business and for the United Kingdom.

Equally significantly Mr. Weir was profoundly attached to his Scottish roots and supported wherever possible educational and other charitable endeavours situated in Glasgow and his home in Ayrshire.

As set out in the Trust's guidelines, the Trust will support charities which, where possible, reflect the life and beliefs of Mr. Weir.